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Nutmeg Jam

Made from the fresh pericarp of the exotic spice, nutmeg.

Delightful as a spread on toast or bread, in trifles and as a filling for fine pastries and layer cakes. Nutmeg jam is an excellent substitute for cranberry sauce on turkey.

Nutmeg jam
Guava jam

Guava Jam

The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” can easily be changes to “a guava a day keeps the doctor away.”

This is because guava fruits have four times the amount of fiber, slightly more potassium and nineteen times the amount of vitamin C as an apple. Guavas are therefore an excellent source of Vitamin C, an antioxidant, recommended for the prevention of colds, cancer and other ailments.

Guava jam is made from delicious, sun-ripened Grenada guava fruits. This delightful jam can be used on toast, in pastries and desserts.

Nutmeg Jelly

Guava jelly possesses a similar flavor to guava jam

 but entirely a different texture as the pulp of the guava fruits are removed leaving the guava extract which is boiled with sugar to make the delicious guava jelly. It is extremely popular in the Caribbean as a snack. Enjoy on bread, toast or crackers.

Pepper jelly

Pepper Jelly

De La Grenade Pepper Jelly is a delightful tangy savoury-sweet jelly made with a mixture of hot and sweet peppers in an acetic acid base.

Delicious with cold cuts and various meat dishes, this jelly is fast becoming an essential condiment. Enjoy with fish, roast beef, turkey, chicken or simply as a topping for your cream cheese and bagel.

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