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1960 The company is launched as a Cottage Industry, producing top quality products as well as a liqueur, using a 200 year-old family secret formula. The product range includes jams, jellies, marmalades, and nutmeg syrup produced for the local hotel industry. The original name of the business was de La Grenade Home Products.

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1970 Morne Délice Nutmeg Syrup is commercialized. Export market includes Hilo Food stores in Trinidad and Hanchel Inniss in Barbados.

1975 de La Grenade Rum Punch, a new product, comes on the market. The recipe was developed by Mr. Allan La Grenade, husband of Sybil La Grenade.

1986 de La Grenade Industries is formed and begins trading as a limited liability company. Sybil La Grenade expands and reorganizes the business, and improves presentation and packaging of the products.

1990 The planning process is launched for the construction of a new factory to house commercial processing, which exists as you see it today.

Local Recognition

1989 de La Grenade Industries receives the “Manufacturer of the Year” award from the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

1990: de La Grenade industries receives the prestigious “Grenada Independence Award.”

1993: The company receives an award from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on World Food Day, October 16.

Cecile with Queen

International Recognition

1990 The company is awarded the coveted Grand Gold Medal for its Morne Délice Nutmeg Syrup and a Gold Medal for the La Grenade Liqueur from Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium. It is the first Caribbean Food Product ever to receive the grand gold medal (first prize) from Monde Selection.

Death of the Founder

1991 Tragic death of Sybil La Grenade in the United States in a car accident.


1992 Dr. Cécile La Grenade, a United States trained Food Technologist, returns to Grenada to manage the company. The company embarked on a massive export drive to expand into several other Caribbean islands as well as the USA, UK and Europe.

De La Grenade Industries is committed to providing manufactured products of the highest quality, using locally grown fruits and spices.

2006 Dr. Cecile La Grenade was awarded and O.B.E by the magistrate, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for her outstanding work with De La Grenade Industries.


Product Range

The company now boasts of 14 products, having recently added new products to its range. These are Mauby Syrup, Orange and Grapefruit Marmalade, Sea Moss, Pepper Sauce and Pepper Jelly. The other products are Morne Délice Nutmeg Jam, Jelly and Syrup, Guava Jam and Jelly, Sibbies Crab backs and the flagship product, La Grenade Liqueur.

Marketing Achievements

1993 - 1995, the 1oz Jams and Jellies are served on the breakfast trays of BWIA first class section (Discontinued with the sale of BWIA).

1993 - 1999, British Caledonian Airlines served the Jams and Jellies with the breakfast in all sections of its aircraft.

1997 – Currently, Liat includes de La Grenade miniature Rum Punch in its in-flight bar.

grand Medaille


1989 Manufacturer of the year - Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

1990 Most outstanding manufacturer - Grenada Government Independence Award.

1990 Silver Jubilee award - Grenada Independence

1990 The Nutmeg Syrup receives a Grand Gold Medal (first prize) from Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium, making it the only Caribbean Food Product ever to receive the highest award from Monde Selection. La Grenade Liqueur gets a Gold Medal.

1999 Grenada Independence Silver Jubilee Award – Outstanding service in the field of Business

2000 Ernst and Young Caribbean Entrepreneur of the year: Finalist

2010 Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association - Trade and Investment Convention (TTMA/TIC) – Booth Awards: Small Booth Winner

Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce – 22nd Annual Awards.

Businesswoman of the year 2010

The Nutmeg Garden

2009 De La Grenade’s nutmeg garden was established.

A herb and spice garden with nutmeg shell carpeted paths showcasing the herbs, spices, flowers and fruits of Grenada was opened to visitors.