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De La Grenade Nutmeg Garden - located in St. Paul’s , Grenada is a quintessential part of De La Grenade Industries. This beautifully garden is spread over 2 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds dotted with aromatic spice and fruit trees, herbs and a diversity of flowering plants.

The Nutmeg Garden is located adjacent to De La Grenade Industries, in the lush, verdant hills of St. Paul's at the eastern edge of the parish of St. George’s. The Nutmeg Garden offer s a pleasant and memorable experience! It is a perfect complement to a visit to De La Grenade Industries processing Facility. This unique garden offers the nature loving individual the opportunity to seen first hand the fruits used in the production of de La Grenade products, as well as a diversity herbs, spices, flowers and plants which grow in profusion on Grenada, the Caribbean "Isle of Spice". These are all concentrated in one location. The garden is well laid out with nutmeg shells covering the paths and plants labeled thought out. A breadth taking view of Mt. Gozeau tropical Forest reserve opposite the factory is an added bonus!

golden torch Relax and enjoy a stroll through our garden on our unique nutmeg shell carpeted paths, be informed by our knowledgeable garden tour guides, pick and enjoy a local fruit and savour the true tropical radiance of Grenada!

Come visit de La Grenade Nutmeg Garden. - A must while in Grenada!