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La Grenade Liqueur

La Grenade Liqueur is a skillful blend of the finest Grenada spices and the hearty goodness of fresh mountain citrus fruits in a rum base. The original 1773 formula of Captain Louis La Grenade is used in the preparation of La Grenade liqueur. The delicate flavor and delightful aroma make La Grenade Liqueur a favourite after dinner drink. Enjoy straight, on the rocks, in cocktails, over ice cream and desserts, and in the preparation of sauces of all kinds.
La Grenade liqueur ….. a treat that's hard to beat!


Rum Punch

A superb rum punch of the Caribbean Spice Isle, Grenada. An exquisite blend of the finest Caribbean rum, sugar, lime juice and nutmeg. Ready to drink! Serve with lots of ice cubes and grated nutmegs to add the true flavor of Grenada – The Spice Isle.


Mauby Syrup

Mauby Syrup is a refreshing beverage with a bitter-sweet flavour. It is made by extracting the Mauby bark and adding sugar and the finest Grenada Spices. The bark comes from a tree belonging to the Rhamnaceae family, which is abundant in many Caribbean Islands.

Mauby drink is considered to be a functional drink. Local folklore abounds with tales of mauby acting as a detoxifying agent when consumed. In 1999, a study on the centenarians in Grenada revealed that they all had mauby as a part of their diets.



Seamoss or Irish Moss is a marine plant which grows abundantly along the shorelines of the Southern Caribbean Islands. It is fan shaped with shapely finger like prongs and is translucent when first harvested. Seamoss is processed into a nutritious, invigorating drink, which restores energy and vitality. Grenada folklore abounds with reference to the powers of Seamoss; How it acts as a romantic stimulant; How it drastically reduces the effect of alcohol; How a night watch on a sail boat became less tiring after drinking Seamoss. Fiction apart, de La Grenade Industries has created a delightfully refreshing and nourishing beverage. Simply add Morne Delice Nutmeg Syrup or sweetened condensed milk. Chill and serve with cracked ice.


Ginger Syrup

De La Grenade ginger syrup is manufactured from the rhizome of the ginger plant. Ginger is well known to have calming effects when consumed and promotes intestinal health. De La Grenade ginger syrup can be used to make a delightful non-alcoholic beverage, “ginger beer” when mixed with water or club soda. “Ginger beer” is a popular drink in the Eastern Caribbean and is consumed mostly during the festive Christmas season.

De La Grenade ginger syrup can also be used in the preparation of tangy savory sauces for meats and fish.